Health & Safety

Player safety is the number one priority for Kamloops Minor Lacrosse Association, and the board is taking the extra step to ensure that everyone is safe and informed! To that end, they have put together some essential information that you won't want to miss - so check it out below.

Say NO to Locker Room Boxing

Locker Room boxing is a violent trend in amateur Lacrosse where players punch each other in the head area while wearing helmets and gloves. KMLA strongly condemns this behavior and all forms of fighting. Any blow to the head can cause severe injury, including career-ending concussions. Coaches and team leaders must implement prevention plans and educate players and parents on concussions. Proper team supervision is essential. KMLA urges all leaders in the game to ensure a safe and positive experience.

KMLA Policy for Electronic Devices in Locker Rooms

Electronic devices, such as cell phones and cameras, are not allowed in change rooms during KMLA sanctioned events. The ability to take photos without others knowing has raised concerns about privacy violations, particularly in change rooms and bathrooms. KMLA strongly prohibits any deviant behavior with camera phones or any other device.

Locker Room Supervision

Team staff and parents must supervise players before and after all games and practices, following the "two deep method" of having at least two adults present in the dressing room at all times. KMLA members are reminded to establish rules against horseplay in the locker room, keep the floor clean, and ensure separate locker areas for males and females are safe and supervised. It is also important to know the location of fire exits, first aid rooms, and kits within arena facilities.


Co-Ed Locker Room Policy

The Co-ed Locker Room policy balances social integration with safety for all participants. At 9U/Novice level, boys and girls may change together with two adults present. At 11U/Peewee level, separate facilities should be used if available. If not, teams should ensure safety during changing and showering. Alternate arrangements can be made if agreed upon and documented. Same-gender monitoring is recommended, and two monitors are preferred to avoid allegations.


Bullying and Harassment

KMLA is committed to ensuring a positive and safe environment for all youth playing lacrosse. Respect is always expected, and bullying will not be tolerated. Bullying is defined as deliberately hurtful behavior that is difficult for those bullied to defend themselves against and can be physical, verbal, or emotional. Incidents of bullying or harassment will be investigated objectively, and those found to be bullying others will be dealt with seriously, including sanctions such as verbal or written warnings, temporary or permanent bans from practices or tournaments, or permanent bans from KMLA.


Concussion Resources:

Not sure where to find help? The information below provides some suggestions on further resources on concussions. This list is not inclusive of all of the available resources.

Mental Health and Wellness Resources:

Not sure where to find help? Consulting your healthcare provider or another trusted professional is recommended. The information below provides suggestions on available resources for mental health in Canada. This list is not inclusive of all of the available resources