Upcoming - KMLA AGM

The KMLA AGM is coming up Wednesday November 15,2023 at 6:30pm at the Parkview Activity Center located at 500 McDonald Ave.

The AGM is open to all members (which means anyone who has players registered with KMLA for box of field lacrosse).

At the AGM we will be presenting our annual award to the recipients.

Everyone who attends will be entered into a draw for a free box or field registration for the 2024 season.

Board Positions up for election this year:

President:  Currently held by AJ Lockwood (stepping down)

  • 1-year term

  • Non-voting position (tie-breaking vote if needed at KMLA Executive meetings)

  • Attends all board meetings and acts as an advisor to the Executive

  • Sets the date for all association meetings including the AGM

  • Ensures the association is represented at TOMLC and IFLC meetings

  • Monitors announcements from TOMBLC, IFLC, BCLA/CLA and passes on any relevant information to the members/executive as needed

  • Point of contact for any league or BCLA disciplinary actions regarding any members of the Kamloops Minor Lacrosse Association

  • Prepares the President's report for the Kamloops Minor Lacrosse Association AGM

  • Completes the Association renewal form every year at the BCLA AGM

Vice President 2: Currently held by Keegan Kinney (stepping down)

  • 2-year term

  • Fill the Chair position for KMLA meetings if the President or VP1 is not available

  • Point of contact for issues arising field lacrosse season

  • Represents the Association as needed at the TOMBLC, IFLC and BCLA meetings

  • Prepares the VP2 report for the Kamloops Minor Lacrosse Association AGM

Treasurer:  Currently held by Chad Pawlshyn

  • 2-year term

  • Prepares an annual budget

  • Ensures that all funds received by KMLA are deposited intact to KMLA accounts

  • Works with the Registrar to issue any player refund cheques if required

  • Monitors and reconciles the Association bank accounts monthly

  • Maintains signing authority (with at least two other Executive members)

  • Provides financial updates at all KMLA Executive meetings

  • Prepares payments as needed to Referees, BCLA, TOMBLC and IFLC

  • Ensures payment of all the association bills and invoices in a timely manner

  • Submits for all grant applications as per the board

  • Applies for the gaming license for the Association

  • Prepares and applies for the gaming grant

  • Prepares the year end financial report and balance sheet in advance of the AGM

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