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Kamloops Minor Lacrosse Association


PO Box 446 - Stn Main

Kamloops, BC  V2C 5L2




Kevin Bankier President
Wayne Mayall 1st Vice-President
Meg Durvin 2nd Vice-President
Jessica Nakashimada Secretary
Desiree Armstrong Registrar
Chad Pawlyshyn Treasurer
Mark Jurista Head Coach
AJ Lockwood Past President
Andrew & Kristy Grant Scheduler
Kevin Boettger Head Referee
Lisa Schmidt Tournament Coordinator
Karsten Huth Tournament Coordinator
Alan Price Tournament Coordinator
Heather Semeniuk Social Media
Keegan Kinney Website Manager
Jeremy Boston Equipment Director
Lyle Thomas Aboriginal Advisor

Our Vision, Mission, and Values


To become the gold standard by which Lacrosse Associations are measured, by offering a safe environment that fosters psychological, social, emotional, and physical development in all members.


KMLA is a “Club” focussed on turning Youth Athletes into “Champions” in sport and in life through recreational and competitive Box and Field Lacrosse. The Association dedicates itself to the promotion of positive lacrosse experiences for all members through supportive coaching, leadership and mentoring. Strict adherence to the core values of the Association as defined by the acronym REALM (Respect, Effort, Awareness, Learning, and Mistake Management) guide our culture and are demonstrated in the delivery of our Lacrosse program. Additionally, the Association strives to ensure that at all times the membership (coaches, players, and parents) adheres to codes of fair play, sportsmanship, equality and non-discrimination, with the goal being to foster and develop the qualities that define character and provide skills (leadership, initiative, responsibility and empathy) that reach beyond the confines of the athletic arena.

R-E-A-L-M Values

R-            Respect for - 1) Program 2) Coaches 3) Team Mates 4) Self

All members, coaches, and athletes within the Kamloops Rattlers Lacrosse Club will demonstrate unparalleled levels of respect for the Program, Coaches, Team Mates, and themselves. This underlying core value will govern all club activities and in turn offer individuals with lasting growth opportunities through the positive mentorship and required adherence to these standards.

E-            Effort - In Lacrosse and all that one undertakes.

Rattlers will learn to focus on and fully adopt the principal that giving 100% is a requirement at each practice, on every shift, and in life. Each athlete is in control of their own levels of effort and will be taught to harness this and become accountable for effort levels as a key measure of success ahead of winning.

A-           Awareness - Look, Listen, and take appropriate action.

In order to track development, respect, and effort, an athlete must be taught to become very aware and provided with the necessary skills to self-evaluate and respond accordingly. Am I working hard? Am I listening and responding to my Coaches’ feedback? My Team Mate is talking in a huddle, I should get their attention and help them focus. These observations and many others are rooted in a heightened state of awareness.

L-            Learning - The value of hard work and dedication.

Learning new skills can be both very exciting and sometimes uncomfortable. Athletes will taught to be patient and to develop a willingness to commit to a long term development model. Perfect practice, maintaining an open minded approach to new skills, and accurate repetition are fundamental learning principals adopted and delivered by the Club.

M-          Mistake Management - Seeing mistakes as a means to learn and grow.

Everybody makes mistakes which as a by-product produce experience. Every Member, Coach, and Athlete alike will be encouraged to try their best and accept and embrace mistakes for the learning and teaching opportunities they provide. The Rattlers Lacrosse Club is committed to creating a positive environment where individuals can work within the guidelines of the program and their respective teams to try new skills, tactics, and make decisions as appropriate to foster growth as individuals and team mates.